ESG-23-SMALL (1)
30th May 2023
Croke Park, Dublin

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ESG and what business leaders need to know

Director of Strategy and Sustainability, Microsoft
Chief Sustainability Officer, CIÉ Group

Our panel discusses the strategies, initiatives and tactics that listed companies can use to respond to investor expectations:

  • How mature are organisations with their ESG strategy?
  • Learn about the underlying drivers shaping the future of ESG
  • Why data is vital to show investors that you are compliant
  • What activities are companies undertaking to help provide information on the most relevant sustainability and corporate governance issues that investors are focused on?
  • Understand how investor relations and sustainability teams can work together to create more effective investor engagement
  • Discover what has worked, what hasn’t and why
ESG and Risk Manager, NTR plc
Chief Sustainability Officer, aib
C.Dir., CEO, Stonehouse Marketing Ltd and Chairman, Repak
  • How do investors integrate ESG data into their investment decision-making?
  • Why do sustainability outcomes matter to investors?
  • How does this point of view impact stock valuations and selection processes in reality?
  • How can corporate CFOs and finance teams better articulate the business case for sustainability-related investments to their investors?
  • How have SFDR and other regulatory initiatives re-shaped the European ESG fund landscape?
Head of Retail Distribution Ireland, Amundi
Head of Responsible Investment, Irish Life Investment Management
Chief Sustainability Officer, aib

Many organisations are struggling with how to talk about and communicate their sustainability actions for fear of a greenwashing backlash. So how should businesses communicate what they are doing and how can they do so authentically?

Co-Lead, the Havas Genus Sustainability Network

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