ESG-23-SMALL (1)
30th May 2023
Croke Park, Dublin

Driving stakeholder value with a strong ESG strategy

Our panel discusses unlocking long-term value and meeting stakeholder expectations
for building a sustainable equitable future:

  • What are stakeholders’ expectations towards companies’ ESG reporting and how can they help promote sustainable behaviours?
  • Which ESG factors are the ones that can really show a company’s impact on the environment, people, and society?
  • What ESG data and reporting do investors and financial market actors need?
  • How to measure success and mitigate risks effectively?
  • Are there effective tools to help customers make sustainable decisions?
  • The seismic shifts and trends to watch: Changing consumer habits, corporate culture, biodiversity and the path to net-zero
CEO, Keelings
Investment Director, Atlantic Bridge Ventures
Director, Sustainable Development Lead Europe & Global Leader, Climate Strategy, Arup
Head of Investor Relation, Mainstream Renewable Power plc

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